Bronx Slang

Between a raging desire to create a certain sound and a Neymar Poker Stars advert song in 2015, Bronx Slang was born. Ollie Miggs (formerly Sense Live of Shootyz Groove) and Jerry Beeks have committed to providing something music lovers would fight to live for.. With songs ranging from the hard heavy funk of Run Away Sucker off their first album to the Groovy yet melodic public service warning of Jane, featuring 311’s own S.A. Martinez,  the Slang Brothers aka. Rhymin and Garfunkel unleash a movement all their own. With a live band including former members of the 2 Skinnee J’s, Bronx Slang has positioned themselves on the frontlines of what some may consider a lost cause.  Vowing to reconcile what’s real about music with a passion that remains amongst the dedicated masses. So prepare to become aware of a different atmosphere in sound.. Bronx Slang is here.