The Unity All Stars

The Unity All Stars are a cover band made up of hardcore 311 fans from all across the country, blending a mix of rock and reggae with high energy and musicality. Lead singer and trumpet player Kevin LaBella, former bass-player Aaron Zuckerman, and lead guitarist Brian Sweeney met at the University of Albany, forming a band called Infectious By Nature. Influenced heavily by bands like Sublime, 311 and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kevin, Brian and Aaron rocked venues and house parties alike for years, but would move on to live in different states. These three friends developed a knack for coming together and playing great shows while not having a central location, something that all future Unity All Stars members would bring to the table.  

Meeting others at 311 events across the country, Kevin had suggested to Brian to play some shows with different people from the 311 tribe ahead of their Red Rocks show in 2012, and as they played different shows ahead of large 311 events, fellow musicians from all around the country started joining and filling out the band. Dan Voehse, percussionist, met most of the Unity All Stars current members on the 311 Cruise in 2011. And while Kevin was living in Texas, he moved in with Dan, allowing them to jam, establishing their musical chemistryNew musicians continued to join the band, filling it out in both numbers and sound. Shawn Van Houten initially joined as a singer, and is now playing both rhythm guitar and alto sax. Mike Sterling brings super high-energy on his trombone, and adds key vocal harmonies as a third singer in the current lineup. Chris Childress filled in on guitar for one of the 311 Red White and Boom after parties in Vegas while Brian was out of the country. After an amazing performance, the band all agreed he was to become a full-time member.  After 311 Day in Vegas 2022, Aaron Zuckerman stepped back as bass player, and Darien Saiidifar has officially joined as his replacement.

The most unique aspect of the band is that it is made up entirely of 311 fans who live in different areas of the country, and only may get together a few times a year for large 311 events. Over the last decade, the Unity All Stars have performed at five 311 Days, with this being their fourth 311 Cruise. While their repertoire spans different genres, always with a layer of horns on top, it is the love of 311 and playing music together that keeps the band going; being of the fans, and for the fans.