Two Player

Two Player is an Austin-based power duo featuring brothers Hoag (drums/lead vocals) and Bonesaw (guitar). Formed in 2018, these former frontmen of Full Service combine progressive rhythms with exciting, complex lead guitar work and dulcet vocal acrobatics, all disguised and packaged into lean, savory arrangements. It's a touch of math rock and a spoonful of pop, with a live performance that showcases the brothers' deep and unrivaled chemistry and musical eccentricity.

The band released heavy rock and acoustic versions of its most recent album - Power Plant - in ‘21 and ‘22 and will be performing these vastly different versions on this year’s 311 Cruise.

Said Micheal Toland of the Austin Chronicle (July 2021)“Mobilized by sinewy riffs that filter guitar pop through early Seventies proto-metal and heavy drums too frisky to lumber, the music pays explicit fealty to the heyday of alternative rock circa 1995, when innovation had run its course and the genre sat in the hands of craftspersons galvanized by the previous five years. Indeed, Two Player's version works in a way many of its 21st century peers' attempts don't.”

 This will be the Kepner brother’s sixth time performing on the 311 Cruise with Two Player, Full Service and Seaweed Sandwich!