Accessible Cruising

Sixthman and Norwegian Cruise Lines are committed to ensuring that EVERY guest onboard has access to the moments that make life ROCK!

Whether you have traveled around the world and back or this is your first adventure away from your hometown we understand that our events are unique and that you may have some questions! Our team of trained Guest Service Ninjas and Norwegian’s Guest Access Desk are resources available to you now.

At time of booking, please discuss your needs with the Sixthman Guest Services team. Your information and requirements will be sent to Norwegian Cruise Line’s Access Desk approximately 60 days prior to sailing. If your needs require more advanced notice, the Sixthman team will notify Norwegian accordingly. Approximately 4-6 weeks prior to sailing you will receive your Norwegian reservation number and additional information regarding how you may contact the Access Desk directly for any additional questions you may have before embarkation.

For more information about accommodations available for guests traveling with special needs, check out our FAQ.

Norwegian Jade has accessible staterooms in Interior, Ocean View, Balcony, Mini-Suite, and Penthouse categories. An accessible stateroom is required to accommodate motorized scooters and non-collapsible wheelchairs. These rooms are held out of general inventory to ensure they are available for as many guests who need them as possible.  Please contact us directly to reserve a wheelchair accessible stateroom.

Accessible staterooms include a bathroom with roll in doorway and roll in shower. The shower will either have a fold down shower seat or a separate shower seat available by request. Each accessible bathroom comes equipped with grab bars around the toilet and  an adjustable angled mirror above the sink.

Should you choose a stateroom that has not been designated as accessible, you will need to bring a collapsible wheelchair, or if you have a motorized wheelchair or scooter, the width must not exceed 26 inches to enter the stateroom door. All scooters and wheelchairs MUST be stored in the stateroom. Due to safety and escape way requirements, they cannot be stored in the hallways, stairways, or any other public area.

As the ship has a limited number of wheelchairs available for guest use ONLY in the event of a medical emergency, if you require the use of a mobility assistive device throughout your vacation, we ask that you travel with your own, or rent one from a third party company that works with the cruise line such as Special Needs at Sea. This can be done once you receive your Norwegian reservation number 4-6 weeks prior to sailing.

Special Needs at Sea
Phone: (toll-free) 800-513-4515 or 954-585-0575
Fax: 954-585-0577 

There are designated special seating areas in all main music venues on board. These areas are designed to accommodate guests in wheelchairs along with one companion. If you need assistance finding these areas at any time during your vacation, please seek out a nearby Sixthman staff member. Here is a quick and easy guide to finding accessible seating on board:

  • Stardust Theater – Enter Deck 6, port. Wheelchair accessible platform as seen above and in this map.
  • Pool Deck – Deck 12. There are two designated areas: one directly behind the lawn in the middle of the Pool Deck and one right of the stage.
  • Pool Deck – Deck 13, port and starboard. 
  • Spinnaker Lounge – Enter Deck 13, port or starboard. There is a designated area to the left and right of the sound board. 
  • Atrium – Deck 7, port AND Deck 8, port overlooking Deck 7.

We ask that you arrive 20 minutes prior to show start time, in an effort to assess your needs and get you comfortably seated before the show starts.

All restaurants and lounges are accessible by wheelchair. Points of access to some of these places are highlighted below:

  • The Grand Pacific Restaurant - take the designated aft elevator from deck 7 to deck 6
  • The Blue Lagoon - take the midship elevators to Deck 8
  • The Jade Club Casino - take the forward or midship elevators to Deck 6
  • The Bar City (Magnum's Champagne & Wine Bar, Tankyards Beer & Whiskey Bar and Mixers Martini & Cocktail Bar) - take the forward or midship elevators to Deck 6

The following public restrooms are wheelchair accessible on Norwegian Jade:

  • Deck 6, FWD, starboard, inside the Stardust Theater
  • Deck 6, MID, outside the Alizar Restaurant
  • Deck 6, FWD, inside the Casino
  • Deck 7, FWD, starboard, outside the Stardust Theater
  • Deck 7, MID, port, by the mid ship elevator
  • Deck 7, AFT, outside the Galleria Gift Shop
  • Deck 12, MID, starboard, outside the Garden Café
  • Deck 12, AFT, outside La Cucina
  • Deck 13, FWD, port, outside Spinnaker Lounge
  • Deck 13, MID, outside Cagney’s Restaurant


During our visit to the port, the ship will be docked at a pier with a wheelchair accessible gangway. While embarking and disembarking from the ship are accessible, please keep in mind that as we will be visiting a foreign port, it cannot be guaranteed that all facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities.

Shore Excursions

Some shore excursion facilities may not be fully accessible to guests with mobility challenges. Although we endeavor to make sure that companies based in the United States provide accessible shore excursions, we cannot guarantee that all are able to provide facilities that are accessible to persons with disabilities. Moreover, shore excursions in foreign ports can present challenges to disabled guests. For detailed, up-to-date information on accessible shore excursions, we strongly recommend that you contact the Access Desk (866) 584-9756) once you receive your reservation number information via email from Sixthman (4-6 weeks prior to sailing).




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