Theme Nights

What are theme nights, you ask? It's our equivalent of the ultimate costume party. They're optional, but it's WAY more fun if you participate! They always provide the best people-watching, so be sure to join in and add to the fun!

  • Rep’ Your Roots

    Rep’ Your Roots

    Thursday, March 2

    When you travel to the port, enter the terminal doors, get on the ship & meet new people on the pool deck, how will they know where you're from? You'll tell them with our boarding day theme - Rep' Your Roots! 311 cruisers represent ALL 50 US states and 14 countries and we want you to show off your hometown pride! Rock a flag, sports jersey, tourist t-shirt, cheese hat, custom buttons & wristbands or any other creative gear that lets everyone know where you call home! 

  • Costume Party Night

    Costume Party Night

    Saturday, March 4

    It’s become tradition to fill the ship with the wackiest, funniest, scariest, silliest & most creative costumes for one night of sailing…because dressing up is fun at any age! On our official 311 Cruise Costume Party Night we’ll also host a contest* to showcase the best cruiser costumes. Show us just how crafty and stylish you can get and perhaps have us saying “WTF are you wearing?!”

    *If you want to be eligible for the official costume contest then you must wear a costume in one of these categories (Superheroes & Villains, 311 Themed, Movie Characters, Funny or Scary).

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