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Think you have what it takes to go up against P-Nut and Nick in some 5 on 5 basketball? Let’s see what you’ve got! In the qualifying round, 100 guests will have 30 seconds to make 5 shots from different points on the court. The top 8 scorers get to play in a Championship Game with Nick and P-Nut!

Signups will open prior to sailing, and we’ll randomly select 100 lucky cruisers to compete. Stay tuned for more info!



If you REALLY know your 311 music...then you gotta check this one out! Nick will play a short snippet of a 311 song on guitar and a randomly chosen panel of contestants will have to be the first to guess it correctly. 

Signups will open prior to sailing, and we’ll randomly select a handful of cruisers to compete. Stay tuned for more info!



We asked 100 brodels, "What is another name for “herb?"…And survey says….you’re in for some laughs with this favorite 311 Cruise game! Chad and Tim are in for the challenge of Family Feud and they want YOU to participate!

Signups are now open - we’ll randomly select a couple of cruisers to compete prior to sailing!


Who’s ready for some flippin’ fun?! We’re hosting another epic Flip Cup Tournament to crown a new group of 311 cruisers as champions of the boat! 

At this time, our bracket is full. Oftentimes, teams fall short or do not show up. So, once on board, if you are still interested in playing, just show up! Check your schedule for tournament time and place.

7-Timer Happy Hour

There are over 150 cruisers who have sailed on every 311 Caribbean Cruise, and we think that is worthy of a celebration! As a THANK YOU for being a founder in this community and trusting us with your vacation year after year, we’re hosting a 7-timer meet up in Spinnaker Lounge. We'll also play a version of trivia that only our saltiest sailors would be good at - past cruise trivia to see just how much you remember from your days at sea! 

Your keycard with your alumni year will serve as your ticket for entry.

Acoustic Storytellers Set w/ Ballyhoo!

You love their music, but now it's time to learn a little more about how it came to be. You won't want to miss the Acoustic Storytellers Set with Ballyhoo!

Belly Flop Competition

This is the chance to show off your biggest and best flops for your cruise family. Don't forget, flair and style points count too and Tropidelic is judging! This isn't just fun for the participants though - spectators are guaranteed shock, awe, and laughs during this cruise favorite!

Participant spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Show up to the activity a little early to claim your spot!

Boozical Squares

Join your fellow cruisers as we put a crazy new spin on the classic game of musical chairs in Boozical Squares! In this version, you’ll dance around in circles while the music plays and then compete in wacky challenges to keep your spot in the game. The shots between rounds will just add to the craziness! Who will be the last player standing? You have to show up to find out!

Participation is on a first-come, first-served basis. Show up to the activity a little early to claim your spot!

Dirty Bingo

Take some pop culture facts, throw in a bunch of naughty words, combine it with a classic game of B-I-N-G-O, and you've got the 311 Cruise spin on an old favorite! It's one part trivia, one part bingo, a dash of foulmouthed tomfoolery, and all parts fun...especially with Brandon from Bumpin Uglies as the host.

This version of bingo is free to participate in. 

Live Band Karaoke with The Unity All-Stars

The Unity All Stars are adding the fun of 311 Day at Sea with a special edition of Exclusively 311 - Live Band Karaoke on the Pool Deck stage! 

If you want to perform, stop by during the designated time on the schedule to enter your name in to sing a song! Guests will be able to submit their name in the “bucket” for whichever 311 song they’d like to sing, and we’ll randomly select people to perform!

Mixology Class

An expert bartender plus members of Less Than Jake will show us tips and tricks on how to make the best cocktails around during this Mixology Class

We need a few recipes to showcase and that's where you come in. Submit your best cocktail recipe for the chance to make it during class! 

Open Play Games

Head out to the Sports Court before we sail away to play corn hole, beer pong, and more with your fellow cruisers!

Swag Swap

Come share your 311 Cruise swag with your boat family! We love the creativity of our cruisers, and we open this space to those who would like share or swap the fun trinkets they’ve made in anticipation of the cruise. Wristbands, sunglasses, beads, the more the merrier! Exchange of funds will not be accepted – just spread the PLUR with your fellow cruisers! Please pack items in your carry-on luggage as this will be open prior to cabins being open.

Tattoo Social

So many of you have really cool tattoos, and we'd love to hear about them! Meet other tattoo lovers, show off your ink, and share the meaning behind them during our Tattoo Social!

Wake 'N' Bacon Bingo

Join us for breakfast and a game of BINGO! The more cruisers that play the bigger the winning pot of money, so grab your friends and come on out! Bingo cards can be purchased on Deck 6, FWD starting one hour prior to start time. 


Yoga w/ Bonesaw

We’re excited for the return of Yoga with Bonesaw! Allow yourself to relax and become one with the world in this blissful Yoga workout. After these yoga classes, you’ll surely feel energized and ready for a great day ahead!


More Amenities

Along with days and nights filled with musical performances, insanely fun activities will be a part of the onboard experience! Many times you'll be playing right alongside your favorite artists. (Yeah, that means 311 is getting in on the action, too!) We will announce more activity details closer to sailing. In addition to programming that we'll plan especially for all you brodels & slinkies, you can enjoy the following amenities on Norwegian Pearl:

Swimming Pool & Hot Tubs
Fitness Center
Jogging/Walking Track
Sports Court