Lip Sync Battle

Lip Sync Battle

It's the celebrity craze that's sweeping the nation, and we're bringing it to the Jade. Announcing Lip Sync Battle! Now's your chance to join the likes of Jimmy Fallon, The Rock, and Emily Blunt. Do you have what it takes to wow the party people with your performance and lip syncing skills? Then read on...

How it works:

  • Booked guests may submit their video entries by end of day February 12th using the form below
  • Video submissions should be around a minute long, with a max length of 1:30 minutes
  • Guests are welcome to submit solo or as a group. There is a maximum of 5 guests permitted in each group submission. Please fill out ALL Sixthman usernames for those that plan to participate on the ship with you.
  • Submissions will be judged on: 1. Accuracy 2. Energy 3. Costume/Props 4. Overall Performance
  • A panel of Sixthman lip sync experts (yes, that is a thing) will select 10 finalists to perform on the cruise. Finalists will be notified on or around Friday, February 17th.

If selected, finalists will need to prepare two songs for the onboard portion of the competition. During the first round, the 10 finalists will perform the original submitted song (can be up to 1:30 minutes long) on stage for your fellow cruisers and host judges. Your judges, Ballyhoo! and Sixthman will tally the scores, and the top 3 individuals or groups will advance to round two. Round two finalists will perform their second song submitted via this form.

Tutorials on uploading a video to YouTube can be found here, here, and here (mobile). Let's see what you got!

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